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CHI 2007 - Reach Beyond

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(blev afholdt 28. april-3. maj 2007)

CHI 2007 is the premier international conference for human-computer interaction.

Last year CHI 2006 gathered our many communities and identities under a single umbrella. At CHI 2007 we invite you to take the next step, to reach beyond; beyond our comfortable methods and praxis; beyond our exciting and innovative technology; beyond our established scientific frameworks and reputations; beyond the common ground of professional and national cultures; and beyond our far-flung social networks.

Join us as we reflect on our amazing accomplishments over the past 25 years while we look forward to those we haven't yet tried to imagine. Join us as we redirect our everyday concerns toward the problems we didn't know would be relevant. Join us as we break down our habitual mindsets to welcome the concepts and ideas of colleagues we never knew we had.

If you are one of the danes participating ... register at the unofficial list of Danish participants!

CHI 2007

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