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Search - Past, Present & Future

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(blev afholdt torsdag, 31. marts 2011, kl. 12:00-13:30)

By Klaus Kaasgaard, User experience consultant, ph.d., Silicon Valley

Sted: Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi København, auditoriet

Om forelæsningen
In this talk, Klaus will share his excitement about search by discussing the design of online search systems with a special focus on information architecture and user experience. He will discuss how Search has evolved in the past few years and with an eye to the near future he will discuss new applications of search in an era of ubiquitous computing.

To most people Search is simply a search box and a set of results; it doesn't seem terribly complex or exciting on the surface. But those working on Search as an adaptive system know how complex it is to extract and present relevant results to any search query in any language from a repertoire of billions and billions of documents scattered across millions of computers - all in a fraction of a second. Furthermore, we now understand how Search has become the most dominant way of accessing information, and how it is changing the way we access, consume & share information, how we learn, how we shop and how we communicate.

Klaus Kaasgaard is a user experience consultant in Silicon Valley where he is currently working with Hewlett-Packard on a redesign of Klaus has previously held executive positions in User Experience across three continents. Most recently he was the executive director of customer experience at Telstra in Sydney, Australia. Before joining Telstra, Klaus held the position of Vice President, Customer Insights, at Yahoo! where he was responsible for user experience and market research across the business. He spent more than six years at Yahoo! in a range of roles including Vice President, User Experience Design, and Director, User Experience Research. Prior to this, he held user research roles at MSN Hotmail and KMD in Copenhagen, Denmark. Klaus has a Ph.D. in sociology of technology from Aalborg University in Denmark and an M.A. in human-computer interaction and philosophy from Aalborg University and Aarhus University, Denmark. He is a member of the recruitment panel at IVA. He lives in Redwood City, California with his wife and two daughters.


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