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User Experience - mellem æstetik og usability


Arrangementet er afholdt
(blev afholdt fredag, 22. november 2002, kl. 9:00-15:30)

An Outline of HCI as an Aesthetic Field
Olav W. Bertelsen and Søren Pold, University of Aarhus

Even though most HCI today accepts the developing nature of use and the impossibility of rational specification, the whole field seems to be trapped in a functionalistic notion of purposefulness. In the talk we argue that HCI has to become an aesthetic field in order to transcend current limitations. We outline an approach to such a new field, and discuss its possible outcome.

Questions and discussion


From art to usability
Mogens Jacobsen, Mondo A/S and the Artnode Foundation

During the IT boom of the late 90ties, a large group of new young designers entered the web industry. During the same period a new breed of artists grasped the Internet. These 2 groups have both tried to define special web aesthetics. But often without knowledge or interest in HCI. In my talk I will present current trends in the electronic arts and give my personal vision of collaborations between artists, designers and HCI professionals.
  • Who are winning the battle between self-expression and user centred thinking?
  • The Dream Society as a nightmare.
  • Hacking the WIMP – an artistic approach to interaction.
  • Artists as researchers.

Questions and discussion


Experience design at Oyster
Kit Lewis, Oyster, London

Combining aesthetics and usability with a goal-driven approach to designing for interactive experiences.

  • What do we mean by "interactive experiences"?
  • Inspirational interactive experiences (including some Oyster projects)
  • The way we work - themes: goals, people, environment, time
  • Themes related to interactive brand values (considering aesthetics)
  • Themes related to measuring the success of interactive experiences in a business context
  • Themes related to usability and accessibility
  • Articulating these themes through a working process (with some Oyster examples)

Questions and discussion


On usability and aesthetics
Kristiina Karvonen, dept. of art history, University of Helsinki

What is the meaning of aesthetics for usability? How can existing knowledge of aesthetics be applied in designing usability? How exactly does aesthetics influence usability? The importance of aesthetic considerations as an essential ingredient of usability has become more evident quite recently. I would like to discuss this through three examples:

  1. Aesthetics of security: what is it? How does it effect the trust-forming process?
  2. Using existing aesthetical knowledge: Applying Panofsky's iconological theory to user interface design. Does it work?
  3. Beauty as a type of order: making aesthetical judgments is one form of processing information, and may be crucial in reducing complexity in complex, data-rich decision-making situations. What does this mean?

Questions and discussion

User Experience

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